Thursday, September 18, 2008

Who's Calling Me "Bridezilla"?

Bridezilla: A bride who focuses so much on the event that she becomes difficult and obnoxious.
It's not exactly the most noble title is it? Not one sane bride on the planet wants to be associated with the title, yet there's almost no avoiding it. At some point throughout the absurd amount of stress wedding planning brings, most brides find themselves coined "Bridezilla" by some uncompassionate prude.

For me that uncompassionate prude was my mother, who took it upon herself to announce at a neighbor's graduation party that I am "Bridezilla." The guests were taken aback. Most of them stopped eating their barbeque, and some scooted their chairs away from me as if I was going to start breathing fire and stomping on buildings. I got up and stormed out of the party, only to spend the next few hours proving myself worthy of the title she'd bestood upon me. I got in my car, drove out of my neighborhood as fast as I possibly could, and spent a good 3 hours yelling at my fiance.

It was then that I realized the only reason why she would call me "Bridezilla" is because she knew it would upset me. The term is used to manipulate brides into embarrassment so that their friends and family can plan the wedding the way they see fit. Letting my mother get to me was only proving her point.

Hence, I choose to embrace the title. I am a "Bridezilla" in my own sense of the word. I will remain focused on creating the happiest day of our lives (for the fiance and I) at all costs. I will accept the frustration that comes with planning one of these white extravaganzas with class rather than try to avoid it. I will be stubborn in standing up for my opinions and beliefs. Shall my mother (or anyone else for that matter) choose to announce my humble title again, I will accept it with charm and wit.

Alert the authorities... Bridezilla is on the lose.

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