Monday, October 27, 2008

Classes and work and MOVING... Oh My!!

I know you're all thinking "SHE LIVES!", right? I haven't written here for about a month, and I barely even have time to be doing this right now.

In fact, my accounting professor just came into my office, leaned over my desk, and this is the horror that unfolded:
Him: Finished with those bonds?
Me: Not exactly.
Him: Ah, what are you doing then?
Me: Right now?
Him: Yes..
Me: Rambling about nothing.

In other words; I haven't got much time to jabber on here. BUT.. for those of you who really care to know what's going on in my life, Steven and I moved out of my parents house (Can I get a "Hallelujah" ?!). We are renting this adorable little 2 BR 2 Bath town home nessled right between our hometown and Miami U Middletown. We LOVE it. It's been about 2 weeks since we moved and we still haven't gotten nearly half of the boxes unpacked, but I love it (clutter and all). It's more expensive than I ever dreamed it would be, but you're supposed to live like paupers at least once in your life, right? Cameron, my son (I'm not sure I've ever told you about him), loves it too.. and he actually has his own room (that doesn't contain any office equipment).

I don't have any pictures yet. I'm embarrassed to take any at the moment because of all of the clutter... Although, our living room looks pretty spiffy... Steven's dad came out yesterday to watch the Bengals game so I made Steven re-locate the clutter so his dad could actually sit down. Nevertheless, I will take pictures and post them soon.

Those bonds are calling my name..... Or maybe that's just my prof down the hall?